Project Coolbit is a research initiative that aims to introduce Innovative methods of obtaining data on urban climate using wearable devices.

The consideration of thermal comfort and human health is among top environmental priorities for city livability around the globe. The information gathered using the conventional methods of data measurements (such as surveys and measurements of microclimate data) contributes significantly to our knowledge of thermal comfort, but several limitations persist: 1) measurements are scattered in time and space, and 2) data gathered on outdoor thermal stress and comfort do not include physiological and behavioural parameters that correspond to the thermal stress of individuals. Project CoolBit aims to address these shortcomings and propose a human-centric approach to thermal comfort assessment. Accordingly, we employ wearables for the monitoring of personal physiological and subjective responses of comfort and stress that span a wide range of spatial and temporal distributions. Using the methodology, we aim to access real-time and dynamic information on the exposure to the thermal environment in the cities, and to do so in a human-centric way. Such information leads to climate-smart strategies in cities and ultimately aims to minimize the grave impact of urban heating on human life.

Project Coolbit has finalized the proof-of-concept studies and is awaiting funding for further developments.



Crowdsourcing of real-time data on urban climate


Human-centric knowledge on thermal comfort responding to the climate


Recommendation engine for personalized thermal comfort in the built environment


Evidence-based guidelines for climate-conscious urban design